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Urban Navigation Web App

- Desktop and Mobile

Every summer Critical Mass brings in a new team of interns to each of their offices, and pits them head-to-head to see who can conceptualize and pitch the best digital solution to improve the lives of people in their city. I was tasked with providing copy guidance and end-to-end strategic and creative direction for the Toronto interns.


They ended up winning, taking home some pretty cool agency swag. I was recognized by the Executive Team and won the agency spot bonus for my role in their winning project.

What's the problem?

Toronto's a truly beautiful place, boasting over 1500 parks and 600 km of walking and cycling trails - many of which go unnoticed by the very people that live in the city. With studies showing that just 30 minutes of fresh air and sun can elevate mood and lead to increased quality of life, we set out to build a solution that will help the people of Toronto discover the green space around them.

Creating the solution.

Utilizing open source park, trail, and cycling data from the City of Toronto, we created an urban navigation app that guides users along a greener route from

point A to point B.


Because the routes are less direct than your typical navigation app, we give users more input into customizing the route before we generate a few options for them. Using playful language and simple interactions, users are able to decide just how much nature they have time for, whether to include cycling paths, and whether they're going somewhere specific or just want to get outside. Before starting their journey, users are able to learn more information and see photos of the parks they'll be heading through on any particular route.

A breath of fresh air.

A beautifully useable and useful product was the result of 3 months of hard and smart work. By encouraging people to make the most of the nature in the city, we hope to garner a stronger appreciation for the space around us, and put a new lens on how people can see the city differently. 


Check out the case study video below to see Greenlane in action.

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