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Royal Bank of Canada

Self-serve consumer banking applications for:

- Bank accounts

- Credit cards

- Lines of credit

- Know your client (KYC)

Advisor facing tools for:
- Bank accounts

- Credit cards

I was the content designer on the first team at RBC with a mandate to try a whole new way of working - with a client-first mindset and an agile delivery process. It became quickly apparent that my role stretched far beyond writing words. At a higher level, I worked towards:

  • Establishing content as a crucial part of the design team and educating the larger organization as to the value design brings.

  • Working with stakeholders and peers to include them and their inputs into shaping the ways we work.

  • Influencing the team culture to ensure we work in fun and smart ways.

  • Mentoring peers and new hires to ensure they are comfortable and familiar with both what's happening around them today at the bank, and helping them understand how and where they can contribute in meaningful ways. 

Some of the client-first fulfillment experiences I helped create include:

  • Credit Cards:

    • Self-serve pre-approved offers

    • Self-serve cross sell into fulfilment​​

    • Advisor led remote fulfilment flow

  • ​Lines of Credit​

    • Self-serve pre-approved offers

    • Self-serve full application

    • Self-serve limit increase

  • Personal Bank Accounts

    • Self-serve full application

    • Advisor-led full application

  • Know Your Client

    • Self-serve re-useable widget​

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