Hi, I'm Jared from Toronto.

I play with words to design digital user experiences that make customers say things like, "oh that's neat","wow this was so simple and clear" and "did you see that sweet copy?"


There I am!

If I had a tagline, I'd put it right here.

What started as a passion for writing ads turned into a desire to understand the digital relationship between brands and their customers, and how words can be used to improve a user experience. With a customer-first approach to my work, I help turn complex brand challenges into simple user-facing solutions. 

When I'm not drooling over words, you can find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, running around outside, kicking ass at the arcade, and watching only the finest reality television.

I'd love to chat about how we can work together, or ways I can improve my chili game, so please feel free to shoot me a line


I'd like to think I'm a very malleable copywriter, having worked at a bunch of different companies that all had their own take on what a copywriter can do. I've learned a ton, doing everything from writing headlines and banner ads to designing integrated systems and e-commerce experiences. 


I've worked at small agencies in Toronto and with big clients in Silicon Valley. I'm accountable for my work and thrive in positive and supportive work environments. I believe that when you're working towards something awesome, and have a really good team around you, you'll probably kick ass.