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Hi, I'm Jared from Toronto.

I design with words to create digital experiences that make users say things like, "oh that's neat","wow this was so simple and clear" and "did you see that sweet content?"


There I am!

If I had a tagline, I'd put it right here.

What started as a passion for writing ads turned into a desire to understand the digital relationship between brands and their customers, and how words can be used to improve a user experience. With a customer-first approach to my work, I help turn complex brand challenges into simple user-facing solutions.



I've worked at small agencies in Toronto and with big clients in Silicon Valley. Doing everything from writing headlines and banner ads to designing integrated systems and e-commerce experiences. I'm accountable for my work and thrive in positive and supportive work environments. If I sound like someone you'd like to work shoot me an email at

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